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objections to taking public comment now. >> no. >> it sound like what you are offering to mr. shaw is something outside of public comment and as a party to this proceeding you are giving him five minutes and after mr. shaw's five minutes open up the floor for public comment. >> okay. we can do that. >> thank you, mr. givner. i'm turning into mr. chatfield my 150-word testimony that i will remail so you don't have to rekey it, introducing typos. i'm sorry, can you hand me that copy back? never mind, i found what i was looking for. so you will recall that when i was here, in october, i testified that 1040 doesn't apply and i also testified quite strongly, both here and at the sunshine task force that c3-699-13 doesn't apply either. i have been denied access to these records for two years. regarding access to litigation states, "advice and compliance with, analysis of, and opinion concerning liability under -- or any communication otherwise concerning the california public records act the ralph m. brown act, political reform act and san francisco ethics code or this ordinance," a
in support of mr. menat shaw on this issue. and the memo, the two memos, one from your staff and the one from the outside attorney are regrettably ambiguous. mr. menat shaw is quite right to point out that unless something is specifically exempt, it's by definition "a public record," period and it's a public record and disclosable unless it can be withheld under one of the specific sections of the state law. and if you look at the two charter sections that have been quoted, both of them are set out within the scope of the applicable state law. now the memo before you says that we're not exempt from disclosure, but may be disclosed. well, a determination that they may be disclosed means that they were public records and your obligation is to disclose them. now i can't help, but observe, because it's come up so many times, that the ethics commission is supposed to be the most ethical of city hall bodies. and the fact that you have been repeatedly challenged on your own openness and willingness to disclose is, i'm afraid, the essence of this entire question. and my compliments to mr. menat sha
relating to ethics complaints brought by mr. shaw. we also reviewed and considered paper submitted by mr. shaw and heard argument from mr. shaw on the matter. during that hearing, we asked miss herrick to review a number of determination if they should be disclosed. she subsequently conducted the review and identified set of emails that she believes should be produced in redacted form. so this item agenda is then to discuss whether those emails should be produced as redacted, and if so, whether that has resulted in a willful violation of the sunshine ordinance by the executive director? any comments from the commissioners on this matter? >> do i not get a five-minute rebuttal on this? through the discretion of the chair? >> mr. met shah i will give you a little bit of extra time during public comment, but i would like to hear from the commissioners. >> thank you. >> as i recall, this relates tangentially to the subject matter of the two complaints, which i recused myself for reasons stated. the issue being raised in this particular instance does not appear to involve the same or does
.the victim... kenni shaw... icked him out -3 of a photo line-up shortly &after the told police that a group of men attacked him as he walked home on north millon aveeue... and that one of the attackers was a knownndrug dealer in the ffr... police hhve noo classified the eaaing as a hate crime. 3 clayton baatle... was -3 ssntenced to life ii prissn yesterday... for killing a man outside dietrich's bar in len burnie in 20-10.battle is currently serring an 8 -year -3 sentence on a drug conviction. violence at dietrich's is raising concern.on december 30tt... another man was found shottto death outside that bar...the third killing in 3 years. 3 3 a devastating mistake in the operating room ... just two nights ago, crime and justice repooter joy lepola uncovered how some doctors aren't telling their patients the truth.. tonight ....more eviienceeto support and its a story... you're seeing first on 3 when nndege neim went in to &phave her left ovary removed because of a cyst.... she pever imagined the surre
are sitting right here. >> i just wander in occasionally. we joked with stanford coach david shaw from the so-called bullies from biology class. they used their brute force to capture their first rose bowl in four decades. man: at turbotax, we know this is more than a paycheck. it's long, hard days, late nights, and missed little league games. you've worked hard to earn your money. and we think you should have the power to keep as much of it as possible. we have tax experts to answer your questions. we'll back you and support you. because a dollar here, a dollar there-- every dollar is more important when it's yours. turbotax-- the power to keep what's yours. try it free at progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon...creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am? [ female announcer ] find progresso light for a great price today a
. >> thank you. project sponsor. >> good afternoon commissioners. jeremy shaw project architect with gable architects. i just wanted to briefly go over the history of this project. i am sure you have seen a drawing. this is our third time being here so just want to go over the history of our client purchasing the project in 2010. we submitted the conditional use application in july of that year and have been working on this for two and a half years now and the first notice on 2011 and the notice of intent to do environmental review. we've had since then two other neighborhood notifications for pre-application and conditional use and we have been in contact with a couple different neighborhood groups, and we had a second neighborhood meeting on the week before thanksgiving this year -- or last year. we've worked through some revisions with the neighborhood groups, and we think we have a project that the neighborhood should be in full support of. i will be available for any questions you may have. thank you. >> thank you. i'm going to open it up to public comments and a couple of speak
that may have leaa to a lower murder rat. rate. p(pkg)) in wwshington d-c's shaw neighborhood.... a and sooe suugest... that's whht as playedda key rooe in pommcide rate. 10:48::4 we can't simply suggest that police activity is the only reason for the violeet crime jeffrey ian ross is a criminologist at the uniiersity of balttmore. 10:15:42 baltimore unforrunatelyysuffers from that reputation one of the post violent cities in the u-s and it has stats to back it up. it's aareputation.... that unlikeebaltimore ....d-c has will takeea whiie for ::3 it - baltimore to get out of that slumppin 2012, 217 people were murdered in ballimore city. the district recorded fewer than a hundred.baltimore pooice commissioner anthony batts blamms two incidents involvinggrival gangs for the pptick.9:45:33 if we wwuud have got those two weewould hhd last ear. in 2011... baltimore police investigated 197 omicides... a record low... that had not been ssen then,,baatimore was outpacing d-c.. old cover pkgg.. a lot of what we see is predictable. when i sat downnwith police chief kathy lanier
to the rose bell and i think this year we'll win. >>reporter: coach shaw with 1 11-2 season had other plans. even though third quarter didn't change the score fans were eager to lock in a win. >> just awesome. i don't o sayy excited right now. it's good way to start the new year. >>reporter: in theen the cardinal had first rose bowl victory in 41 years. celebration is on. >> i love it came did you know to the fourth quarter. the way it happened. couldn't have been better. i loved it. it was awesome. awesome. feels great too. >>reporter: and just like jim harbaugh before him, coach david shaw is making stanford alumni proud. they tweeted out we came. we shaw. we conquered. let there be roses and so ends a fantastic stanford football season n.palo alto, abc 7 news. >>> yes, it was awesome. stanford band was also in pasadena and had its own moment in the sun. [ band playing] 300 member band performed on 124th annual rose parade. the group considers itself more of a rock band than marching band. valley christian high school band from san jose also performed. they are in blue. i
, this was calendared as a single agenda item. i do take mr. menat shaw's point that they are separately enumerated within item no. 4. but i do think we can take them together. is that right, mr. givner? >> yes. >> okay. although it is sort of difficult to not take them in order. let's make the motion on whether or not to release the three pages as redacted by miss herrick. is there such a motion? >> so moved. to release the documents as redacted by miss herrick. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? hearing none, that motion passes and the record should be produced as redacted. as a result of having produced -- agreed to produces the record as redacted, i think we should address the issue of whether the failure to release these documents was a willful violation of the sunshine ordinance. i think i have given my view that in light of the effort we made to review all of these documents, the discussion we had and arguments we heard with respect to this file and these records, that i certainly don't see willfulness here myself. i will open it up to my fellow commissioners to share wh
cannot be 20s and not have french. i paired it with a french shaw that adds a pop of color the black dress. the clip on earrings, eyeliner and lipstick and a long string of beads. of course your closet has to host feathers when i look at this look i think grace kelly, soft colors, delicate fabric, drapy, and of course the feather sleeves which makes this oh so glamorous. here i paired a channel inspired tweed jacket with a boe dress, and paired it with a casual shoe for a day time look. notice the hemline on this dress its very funky and fashion forward. the 20s women started experimenting with different shapes, cuts and fabrics and had fun with fashion. another characteristic of this twenties trend is men's wear. if you weren't wearing the frilly fem look you were wearing pants and jackets. here we have a great neutral jumpsuit with a fringe jacket. layered the looks and added gold jewelry. i love the 20s trend because its razzle dazzle, its everything glam and more. wear a little or wear a lot but always remember to make it your own. for more log onto that does
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touchdowns. stanford who came into the game ranked as number six in the u.s. we shaw and we conquered in honor of david shaw. >> you said you were going to route for sanford. >> actually that was well deserved. we'll take that. >> first bowl win in a long time. it's chilly throughout but we are feeling it this morning. >> very dry feeling. you may notice your hands or lips a little dry this morning. definitely what is happening. there is enough moisture coming out of the ground to create frost and thick frost. please be careful if you are heading out. no reports of black ice but we did have it monday when we had the same situation. sutro tower, live doppler 7-hd and see what we're getting as far as radar returns, they are all dry. no clouds out there right now. talk those temperatures. low to mid 40s around fremont, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. we are above freezing in san san rafael at 36. 35 in antioch but freezing or below in los gatos, concord, fairfield and napa. around the monterey bay, mid-30s gilroy at about 32 degrees. let's talk about what is going to happen in
? >> appellant? >>> my name is susanna shaw and i'm appealing. basically what happened, when i went to a director's hearing on august 9th, four of the cases i had no idea they even existed. there was one posting on my building at 10 16 through 10 20 noe street. and the tenant there gave me the posting. then i went to the director on august 9th. that was the first time i had ever had any knowledge of the other four cases. they are from 2009. my address where i live is 3825 24th street. and those four cases involved units in my building and the building next door, but there were no postings. when i got to the hearing and i saw those cases, i never received them in 2009. i had no knowledge of them whatsoever. when i got the cases, i went upstairs and got the cases. i immediately noticed that all four of them contained items. i went into -- i was in a bankruptcy -- i have to backtrack a little bit. i bought this r -- this was originally a 6 unit building on church. i bought it in 1990 and i was warned by the former owners that i had very difficult tenants and they had been partners for 30 years and t
but the project maintains the light well adjacent to the light well. the requester is buena shaw who represents the two owners of the condominium at the subject property 1265-1267 bay street. the concerns are the following. negative impacts on the midblock open space including shadowing and massing, negative impacts to the residents of 1265-1267 bay street including privacy, light and ventilation. concerns regarding the accuracy of the plans submitted with the subject application. in response to the dr requesters concern regarding the plan's accuracy the department planner for the case christine lamorena visited the site and found a minor discrepancy and 6-inch reduction in the three story component. the project was reviewed by the planning commission design team and found the massing to be appropriately scaled with the setbacks and transition of depth from the deeper building from the west and the shallower building to the west. the residential design team noted that the two story of the project and inhabitant space and open deck above wouldn't affect the light at the rear of their building
and second degree assault for the attack on a man on christmas night. we talked to the mother of kenneth shaw. they both said was a hate crime. shaw ran to the store for a few things. on the way back, he was cold and beaten by a group of five men for at least 10 minutes. now police are still investigating the attack but have not confirmed whether it is a hate crime or not. >>> want to watch the flu spread without getting any of the germs? you cran do it thanks to the maryland department of health and mental hygiene. they track it on a website called flu watch. you can watch cases week by week with the flu being a sporadic problem to a widespread problem. they're able to map out how the flu progresses using a variety of sources. now you can help the state track the flu threw maryland resident influenza tracking survey. the report is also tracked to hospitals. they only have to report a flu case when a patient stays overnight because of their illness. >> for much more information, just head to flu for our flu guide. we've got a quiz for you to test your flu q and links the map. >>
shaw waa alking home... when he pas suddenly jumped and attacked brutaaly by roughly six men. shaw staunchly believes he was targeted - simmly because hh's ay. but he can't help but thank the people hoocame here . todayy.. kenny shawvictim 19:58:088-19:55:22in:"its &pnow"elming"out:"right now" this gaahering was the brainchaild f reverend kinji until tteechristmas beating. such viooence... and the assailants who have never been caught have absolutely o right to judge oohees father's house p0:03:55--20:00:06in::when they beat kennyout:"to take a ptand here" &phere" scott says ii's not easy his story ppblic... at 3 unforrunately, chances are there are many people like kenny... who arr justtfiabll pearrorrignorance... ignorance...carrie vans executive dir equality md 11:49:04--19:49:21in;"it really isout:"baltimore" 2-weeks ater....kenny's eyee -are still bloodshott- the swelling has subsidedd on his face... but the emotional scars will linger long after kenny heals physically... his mother is proud of her son... and happy... that so many people life.
around. joining me now on the phone is dan niles. along with shaw woo. good to talk with you gentlemen. dan, what's your take on this dell story? >> i mean, i think it's something that's been talked about for awhile. you can go back to actually 2010 in june and michael was at a conference and somebody asked him do you ever think about taking your company private? and the answer was yes. there's been this talk for a long time. was one of the ten worst performing stocks in the s&p last year. it was one of the top ten cheapest though. if you're looking at it from that perspective, the timing seems to make sense. >> so let me ask you, shaw, what you think. how would shareholders work out in this deal? >> well, you know, i agree with dan that this rumor's been going around for awhile. but i think the biggest problem is that the size of dell. you look at the stock today. it's -- the market cap's now $21 billion. so in the takeout, it would have to be a premium to that. possibly $30 billion. that's a lot of capital to raise. a lot of debt financing. so we think because of the size of this dea
it and it was awesome. feels great, too. making alumni proud. they tweeted out we came, we shaw, we conquered. let there be roses so ends a fantastic stanford football season. >> you're so right about that. thank you. the stanford band was in pasadena this morning had their own moment in the sun. take a listen the 300 member band performed in the rose parade. you can see the group considers itself more of a rock band.c÷4wf also performing valley christian high school band. they're the ones in blue n red uniforms a chinese band from beijing. today, they performed at east west fusion all star band. the first ever international high school band in the history of the parade whachl a day. >> two babies born in separate hospitals are laying claim to the title first bay area babies born in 2013. little harley sparks not due until january 3. his mom went into labor yesterday at sutter delta medical center after 12 hourgs, mom's doctor who happens to be her grandmother struggle -- scheduled a c section for the stroke of midnight. >> i delivered all my great grandchildren. so, 10. >> wow. 10 babies born. b
would get if you follow the shaw north america contract approach which, is all based on a commodity electricity which, is direct exposure to market price. and so at the high altitude, that is the most general statement that i can make about risk. this is a considerably low risk approach for the rate payer because of the performance of solar and efficiency and wind are very predictable, have no market price fluctuation, are simply a matter of whether the equipment works and so it's a comparison of equipment to fuel. >>> may be the best response would be to give us some bullets down the road and so we know how to respond to that issue and because rate pairs are going to ask that we how are we minimizing the exposure to them. >> any other questions? >>> yeah i have another question too in the risk -- but's a little bit different and so my understanding is that the assumptions in had model and i guess what i'm really -- c c's local build out component is critical and i want to go on record again saying thank you for your work and your long-term commitment to this because, i thin
20. warriors up 3. vazquez, the tie, no. warriors get the win, 11 -112. >> david shaw courtside for stanford and cal. stanford's best player. 17 high off the glass. cardinal by eight at the half. cal's leader scorer, allen creab, a dozen. both teams shoot less than 36% in the game. cardinal reveil, 69-59, both teams 2-3 in pac-12 play. usf and loyola. dickerson, 18 point -- actually this is saint mary's and portland, and that's matthew dellavedova. the aussie with the big game. brad waldo inside for the flush. saint mary's cruises 67-50 the national portland. >> now we're talking usf. loyola mary pant. ai ma's lions. they're trying to take over. that's mark toll liveson, usf up nine. usf gets off the schneid. 62-53 the final. >>> sounds like brian wilson's days as a giant are numbered. the general manager brim sabean with this comment. i'm going to be brutally honest, don't think brian wilson will return. sabean, we willie place in yuck for the baseball writers dinner. wilson wants a long-term deal. the giants only willing to offer an incentive-laden one year deal in the second
. vazquez, the tie, no. warriors get the win, 11 -112. >> david shaw courtside for stanford and cal. stanford's best player. 17 high off the glass. cardinal by eight at the half. cal's leader scorer, allen creab, a dozen. both teams shoot less than 36% in the game. cardinal reveil, 69-59, both teams 2-3 in pac-12 play. usf and loyola. dickerson, 18 point -- actually this is saint mary's and portland, and that's matthew dellavedova. the aussie with the big game. brad waldo inside for the flush. saint mary's cruises 67-50 the national portland. >> now we're talking usf. loyola mary pant. ai ma's lions. they're trying to take over. that's mark toll liveson, usf up nine. usf gets off the schneid. 62-53 the final. >>> sounds like brian wilson's days as a giant are numbered. the general manager brim sabean with this comment. i'm going to be brutally honest, don't think brian wilson will return. sabean, we willie place in yuck for the baseball writers dinner. wilson wants a long-term deal. the giants only willing to offer an incentive-laden one year deal in the second half hour, peek out s
robert shaw, first battalion duke of lancaster's regiment. he died in the queen elizabeth hospital birmingham last wednesday as result of wounds he sustained in afghanistan. he gave his life for the safety of the british people and is incredibly brave contribution must never be forgotten. our condolences are with his loved ones. mr. speaker, this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others, and in addition to my duties in the south i shall have further such meetings later today. >> i'm sure the whole house and the whole country would want to -- associate of those with the prime minister's comments. on monday, mr. speaker, the prime minister stated that the task for our generation was the struggle against terrorism. on tuesday, his government sacked 5600 troops. why is it, is this such kept into what the prime minister said and what the prime minister does? >> i think the honorable gentleman as an important question and i do not deny for one second that we've had to take difficult decisions about defense spending in our country. but let me make this point. at 33 bi
. speaker. i am sure the whole house will wish to draw any in paying attribute to david robert shaw. he died and queen elizabeth hospital birmingham last wednesday as a result of wounds that he sustained in afghanistan. he gave his life for the safety of the british people, and his incredibly great contribution must never be forgotten. our profound condolences are with his loved ones. this morning, i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others, and in addition to my duties in this house i shall have a further meetings today. >> i am sure the whole house and the whole country would want to associate themselves with the prime minister's comments about david robert shaw. on monday, the prime minister stated that the task for our generation was to struggle against terrorism. on tuesday, is government sacked 5600 troops. why is it if there is such a gap between what the prime minister says and what he does? >> i think the honorable gentleman asks an important question. i do not deny for one second that we have had to take a good decisions about defense spending. let me make this point. at
faces assault on police charges. police say marcus evans was one of two men attacked kenneth shaw. shaw says he was the victim of a hate crime because he is gay. >> a confessed arsonist will learn his fate this morning. he could face up to a year in prison after setting seven fires in columbia. those fires to close to half a million dollars in damage. >> 39 degrees at the airport. changes coming to 911. >> an abrupt end hearing in the colorado massacre shooting. >> how you can save your favorite monopoly peaciece. >> i always liked the thimble. the clouds will return. >> a busy start to your thursday morning commute. route 99 is closed i >> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:12. 38 degrees at the airport. .owntown is in the mid 40's we have some clouds overhead. those clouds leftover from a cold front that came through yesterday. we are starting to see the wind turned out of the north and west. 6 miles per hour in westminster. you can see the overall trend. slightly cooler weather through the morning. we have 39 at the airport. 47 downtown. 36 in parkton and in york. expect the temperatur
. stolen from george bernard shaw, i believe, but she always said stealing was all right as long as you stole from the best. do you have anything from edinburgh? yeah, emma golding took two productions to the festival-- a modern-dress version of timon of athens, reset in beirut, and a new play by phil beaumont. the lad who dropped out? let me show you. it was called the road to nowhere. what was that about? no idea, and i did see it. but what amanda wrote was, "we were promised a cross between harold pinter "and john osborne; "what we were given was a cross between harold steptoe and sharon osbourne." i bet that went down well with the troops. she also had a good nose for dirt. she used to write an anonymous column called "gossip from the forest." this was her finest hour. "all is not well with one of oxford's dream couples. "we hear that the police were called to a domestic incident "involving two of our most eminent academics. "who, we wonder, will get custody of the spade?" the spade? as in archaeology? this is professor gregson and professor alderson? yeah. app
. so, should you buy apple's stock if you don't own it already? let's ask at least one expert. shaw wu, stock analyst. shaw, stock is down over the past four months or so. obviously selling at a discount. you could have spent more in october. would you buy it at this price for say a one to two-year holding period? >> yes. we like the stock at this level. like you said, especially with this pull back. we think the story is pretty much still in tact. the growth story. you have iphone that is still seeing a lot of growth. seeing penetration around the world. and also as i mentioned earlier, you also have them selling not just the flagship iphone five but 4 and 4s allows them to address the mid range of the market. we think that will continue to be a big story. last but not least, the ipad. we see that as still fairly early inity adoption phase. capitalizing pcs. but we see the market, apple is leading and moving to tablets. >> at 511 now. do you have a price target on this stock, say a 12-month? >> yeah, we have 840 price target. based on we think a reasonable 13 multiple. but we also tak
at this level. >> shaw wu is a brave man for coming back on "power lunch" today. shaw, we will hold your feet to the fire. are you changing your tune. it's 58 below where it was when you said you liked it that price yesterday. >> tyler, we're not changing our tune. we think the story is still a very good gross story and you know, frankly with, we are surprised with this reaction. but we believe this is a great level as an investment with investors with the longer term horizon. >> so i guess what i'm hering you say here, is if you liked it above 510, you like it even more at 455 as a buying opportunity. right? >> no, yes. in the near term admittedly, there will be a credibility issue, right, with the company. the company's got to regain investor trust again. so that's going to be an overhang. but we still see -- >> you're not changing your tune, you say, but you are changing your price target and you're lowering it. that's $58 ago, right? >> that's correct. the new price target is 715 and we are assuming a 10 multiple now. opposed to 12. and also taking into account its cash balance. we think
. a very special win for david shaw and his family. >> we knew this was going to be a battle. for us we wouldn't expect it any other way. this is the way we've played all year. we know it's going to be close. at the end of the game we're going to mind a boy to win. i'm so proud of them. >> intercepted. >> a couple years ago we lost coach harbaugh. this year we happened to lose andrew luck. i think it's a testament to our program and how we train and prepare each week and every season. >> nobody's talking about our running game. our guys knew we'd have a chance. >> top five on a new year's day. number five. florida state running back, 5 carries, 134 yards. they beat northern illinois 31- 10. >>> number four. blowing up michigan running back smith. >>> number three. dylan thompson to bruce to win the game with 11 seconds left. >>> number two, d league santa cruz warriors to beat sioux falls. earlier a national anthem interruption. >> ♪ last gleaming ♪ whose -- help me out. >> tough going for miss renee there before the santa cruz warriors game. when she picked up and remembered the l
live from moscato's. >> the ball handling skills of slick willy shaw, seated here with the harlem globetrotters. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: here at the stratford school. what are you telling them sth. >> abc bullying prevention. we gave them the abc program. action, bravery, compassion. those three words can help prevent and stop bullying from happening in their community. >> reporter: you are from oakland. first year as a trotter. playing for your folks. >> homecoming, so excited about tomorrow. >> reporter: very cool. and you guys have been doing this -- the trotters around for 87 years. i saw you guys a few years ago. so different generation to generation, and this year reinventing your style even more. >> you write the rules, first time ever in the history of sports basketball. the fans' voice will be heard. they get to vote whether they want to see the four-point shot, two basketballs at the same time, or points worth double. fans, get out there and vote, your voice will be heard. >> you guys know i have great skills when it comes to getting the ball i
. david shaw's team went out and won. next. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. bowl...priceless ...theres . >>> making it to the rose bowl, big deal. winning the rose bowl, that's priceless. there's your stanford story line. cardinal trying to win this for the first time since 1972. look at the sight in pasadena. sea of red and white. opening possession against wisconsin, kelsey young, reverse, 16 yards, touchdown, 7-0 cardinal. next time they get the ball is the mvp for the offense, stepfan taylor, that score was 14-0. to fed ricks, that made it a 3-point game, 17-14. second half, sta
offense stanford coach david shaw gets the gatorade bath.and the hugs >> we knew this was going to be a battle of we would not have had it any other way. >> rose bowl in 41 years final: 20-14 stanford cardinal finish 12-2 and a likely top 5 ranking outback bowl - michigan vs south carolina steve spurrier the 'ole ball coach 1st quarter/ 7-3 south carolina ace sanders returns the punt 66 yards for a tochdown 14-3 south carolina 4th quarter/ 22-21 michigan jadeveon clowney with the big hit forces the fumble then recovers the ball with his free hand south carolina devin gardner hit jeremy gallon for the 17-yard touchdown pass 28-27 17 seconds left dylan thompson who was in for the injured starter puts it up for bruce ellington who makes the catch. cuts left and scores the winning northwestern ended 63 years of postseaon futility today head coach pat fitzgerald leading the wildcats to their first bowl win since 1949 gator bowl - northwestern vs mississippi st. pat fitzgerald and northwestern looking for their first bowl win since 1949 1st quarter/ scoreless tyler russell is interce
on for a 20-14 win. mike shumann was with the team in pasadena and one of the few faces that coach shaw saw when he got off the bus. shu was everywhere. >> any point in the game where were you worried? >> the whole game. you know what though, i felt good about where we were. we just needed one more play. somebody had to make one more play. offensively or defensively. >> tonight tim tebow watching his alma-mater, the flu flaw gators, get -- the florida gators, get smoked. 15 seconds in and the pass was tipped. floyd returns it 38 yards. 7-0 cardinals in a flash. the second quarter and look at this touch. an incredible catch. louisville stuns florida 33-23. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. jay fun games tonight. -- >> fun games tonight. warriors making a statement. >>> coming up next, boat on fire.u]+w87@çoj
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